Our story

Since I was a little girl, my wonder has been captured by the beauty of the jewelry I saw the most important women in my life wear. There was something about the personalities of my mom, aunts, and grandma that was perfectly reflected by the lively earrings, necklaces, and bracelets they wore. I remember breaking into my mother’s desk-top green chest full of beautiful pieces of jewelry, works of art that fascinated me beyond what words could describe; and if I’m honest, I still break into her green chest to marvel at the jewelry to this day.


Growing up, I was constantly drawing, designing, and imagining fine jewelry for fun. My notebooks from school are sprinkled throughout with doodles of necklaces and earrings! My imagination turned into reality when looking at recently-polished raw amber with my now-husband, Carlos. The wonder that once captured me through my mother’s jewelry had once again done so through the allure of leaves, tiny beetles, and feathers frozen in the warmth of million-year-old amber. I had become obsessed.


My curiosity drew me to the ancient stories of the objects immortalized in amber, each one unique, beautiful, and special. But there was one kind of amber that I connected with most: blue amber. It is mainly found in my homeland of the Dominican Republic and is given its blue hue by being saturated with ash, which means the only way for blue amber to be is through the destruction of a forest fire or volcanic eruption. How blue amber contained the chaos that bred it and birthed beauty through it inspired me to let out the creativity I had contained in me for all those years, and that’s how Bleu Ambr was born in 2020.


Carlos and I worked tirelessly to build what has become something we are incredibly proud of. We began by creating beautiful amber pieces that brought each stone’s unique wonder to life, but inevitably started exploring beyond. We began working with Dominican larimar, which we found to have impacted the way we viewed Bleu Ambr because we had found that it captured our imaginations in very similar but also very unique ways. The exact same thing happened as we explored other beautiful naturally formed stones like lapis lazuli, malachite, jade, and so many others.


I want to help people from all walks of life connect with their personalities through beautiful jewelry that is just as unique and special as they are, with a rich and complex story contained within, bringing out the beauty in their personalities and their lives in the process. That is why I love what we do at Bleu Ambr. We strive to enrich people's lives through the beauty of our stones, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished.

- Laura Flores de Peña