About us

It takes a long journey of up to 10 million years for ordinary tree resin to harden into the dazzling amber stones that serve as a reminder that resilience breeds beauty in an incredibly unique way. Before the sap hardens into resin, it captures elements of its surroundings, freezing them in time and immortalizing them for millions of years. This fact alone is what has inspired us to create Bleu Ambr, a place where the unique beauty of our world’s history comes alive through jewelry made from unique semi-precious stones like malachite, lapis lazuli, quartz, jade, larimar, and of course amber but also many more that we’re experimenting with every day.


Every Bleu Ambr stone is entirely unique, formed naturally on our planet over countless years, teaching us that natural beauty is formed through incredible circumstances. These stones, through the story of their creation, each represent us, our journeys, and the beauty in our lives.


Bleu Ambr’s mission is to breed in people the confidence that the beauty and resilience of our stones bring out in each of our delicately hand-crafted pieces. The only way to achieve this is through excellence and the utmost regard for quality. That’s why we work with gold and sterling silver as the vessels for Bleu Ambr stones, to bring out the rich color in each piece, connect with you, and take you on a journey of millions of years and our liveliest dreams.